Quran Ijazah Course: Get Certified in Quran Recitation

Quran Ijazah Course

Quran ijazah course is a special course that aims to certify the students in reciting the Quran with accuracy and proficiency. Ijazah is an Arabic word that means “permission” or “authorization”. It is a certificate that is granted by a qualified teacher (sheikh or shaykha) to a student who has recited the Quran to him or her with perfection and without any mistakes. Ijazah is a proof of the student’s mastery and competence in Quran recitation.

Ijazah is not only a certificate, but also a chain of transmission (sanad) that links the student to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through his companions and successors. It is a way of preserving and authenticating the Quran and its recitation throughout the generations. It is also a way of honoring and respecting the Quran and its teachers.

Ijazah Course Outline

Quran ijazah course consists of several steps and stages that the student has to complete in order to obtain the ijazah certificate. The course outline may vary depending on the provider and the level of the student, but generally it includes:

– A pre-assessment test to evaluate the student’s current level and skills in Quran recitation.

– A selection of a teacher who has a valid ijazah and who matches the student’s preferences and goals.

– A selection of a mode of recitation (qirat) that the student wants to learn and get certified in.

– A regular schedule of online sessions with the teacher where the student recites the Quran to him or her and receives feedback and corrections.

– A completion of memorizing and reciting the whole Quran or a specific part of it (such as one juz or one surah) to the teacher with accuracy and fluency.

– A final test where the student recites the Quran to another teacher who verifies and approves his or her recitation.

– A issuance of the ijazah certificate with the name of the student, the teacher, the mode of recitation and the chain of transmission.


Qirat is an Arabic word that means “recitation” or “reading”. It refers to the different ways and styles of reciting the Quran that were transmitted from the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through his companions and successors. There are ten famous modes of recitation (qirat) that are widely recognized and accepted by Muslims. They are:

– Qirat Hafs from Asim

– Qirat Warsh from Nafi

– Qirat Qalun from Nafi

– Qirat Al-Duri from Abu Amr

– Qirat Al-Susi from Abu Amr

– Qirat Khalaf from Hamza

– Qirat Al-Duri from Kisai

– Qirat Shu’ba from Asim

– Qirat Ibn Kathir from Makki

– Qirat Ibn Amir from Basri

Each mode of recitation has its own rules and characteristics that affect the pronunciation, articulation, intonation and melody of the Quranic verses. The student can choose any mode of recitation that he or she wants to learn and get certified in.


Quran ijazah course is a unique and valuable course that enables the students to recite the Quran with excellence and authenticity. It is a way of fulfilling one’s religious duty and enhancing one’s spiritual growth. It is also a way of joining a noble lineage of Quran reciters and teachers who have preserved and transmitted the word of Allah throughout history.

If you are interested in enrolling in a quran ijazah course, you should look for a reputable and reliable provider that offers quality education and service. You should also check the curriculum, the qualifications of the teachers, the fees and the reviews of other students. You should also make sure that the course meets your needs and expectations, you will find that all if you register with Quran Sheikh Institute now.

Quran ijazah course is a wonderful opportunity to learn, practice and master Quran recitation under the guidance of expert and certified instructors. It is a course that will enrich your knowledge, skills and confidence in Quran recitation. So what are you waiting for? Start your quran ijazah course today and get certified in Quran recitation.

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